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       1360. OLGA
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Contacts information which You will receive:
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ID: 1360
Name: OLGA (Ukraine, Sumy)
Age: 44 YEARS OLD (25th of November, 1979)
Zodiac sign: SAGITTARIUS

Marital status: DIVORCED, 1 child (Maxim 22 years old)

Height: 162 cm (5' 4.8")   Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Body build: SLIM
Eye color: GRAY   Hair color: BLOND

Languages: English (with dictionary)  


The woman you have been looking for all your life is in front of your eyes. I am the one who will impress you with my loving, caring, sincere, honest, very gentle and feminine nature, the one who will bring stability and hearted warmth, affection and acceptance into your life. I will give you my tenderness and nurturing; my whole self to be there for you when you are not at your best. I will brighten up your days with laughter and my vivacious wild side to make you wonder what I will do next. I will respond passionately for your touches and you will never be unsatisfied. I will bring an even temperament, strength, and shoulders of a faithful friend to lean on in hard times, will be wise and compromising to smooth any conflicts. I will give you "ME" with the grace of my womanhood; so that you may embrace what nature and life experience has made me into. I'm very serious in my search for my soul mate and I have no time for games. I do not like to idle away my time doing nothing as I love life in all its manifestations and prefer to stay active. I believe that sports is an inseparable part of my life, I go to fitness and aerobics classes regularly. I enjoy spending time outdoors, I like tourism. I have an inquisitive mind and passionate desire to learn something new. I like reading and communication with interesting people. I love cooking and I believe that I have achieved perfect results in these sphere. :o)


Seek for age: 37 to 65

I am looking for someone who is passionate, kind and considerate of other people; someone big-hearted; someone who is self-confident and possesses common-sense; someone who has a slightly sentimental streak; someone I know I can count on; someone who will go dancing in the rain with me. :)




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