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       1477. YANA
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Contacts information which You will receive:
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ID: 1477
Name: YANA (Ukraine, Sumy )
Age: 42 YEARS OLD (30th of July, 1981)
Zodiac sign: LEO

Marital status: DIVORCED, 2 children (Nickolay 21 years old, Yekaterina 9 years old)

Height: 165 cm (5' 6")   Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)
Body build: SLIM
Eye color: GREEN   Hair color: BLOND

Education: UNIVERSITY   Profession: ACCOUNTANT
Languages: English (with dictionary)  


I think that the real treasures in life are love we can perpetuate, devotion we can give to each other, understanding and care we can surround each other with, harmonious relationship we can start, which is worthy of any efforts... I have so much affection, gentleness and care accumulated inside to give to my future partner and a lot of stamina to make our future relationship grow and evolve to become perfect. My joyful and optimistic nature is genuine and no matter what happens in pursuit of my dreams I stay positive. I try to enjoy every day of my life and will do all my best to bring joy and happiness into my future partner's being. I can be playful and charming, sexy and seductive with my soul mate to stimulate his excitement and remain desired. :) I am tactful and easy to find a compromise in any situation, I am able to forgive and understand. I am even-tempered, polite, patient, respectful, intelligent and responsible and I hope that these my traits of character will benefit my future relationship. I love spending time outdoors because nature is always so bright, so beautiful and always charge me with a lot of energy. I do fitness, jog, swim, cycle with pleasure and walk a lot in order to keep fit. I like to develop intellectually and read a lot which include psychological, informative literature and novels. I also love going to the cinema to watch a good movie. I adore cooking and my homemade dishes are always delicious and never leave anyone indifferent to them.


Seek for age: 40 to 57

I am looking for a man who desires to love and feel loved in return. I hope that he will be gallant, tactful, attentive and respectful to me, treat me as a real woman, be tender and delicate. I would like my future partner to be faithful, kind, gentle, determined, caring and reliable. He could be creative and sometimes even childish in his dreams and actions as well as me, because we should remember that relationship can exist for a long time only if it is exciting and colorful. :) Would you like me to add more colours into your life? :)




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