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       1618. RAISA
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Contacts information which You will receive:
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ID: 1618
Name: RAISA (Ukraine, Sumy)
Age: 35 YEARS OLD (7th of March, 1988)
Zodiac sign: PISCES

Marital status: SINGLE

Height: 162 cm (5' 4.8")   Weight: 53 kg (117 lbs)
Body build: SLIM
Eye color: GRAY   Hair color: RED

Languages: English (speaking)  


Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. I hope you'll recognize my affectionate, genuine, kind nature and feel my desire to give love and create a unique bond with my future partner, strengthen it, allow emotional intimacy to enter into our relationship for that both of us would feel comfortable enough to be authentic and transparent with each other. I prefer to be completely honest and open with my soul mate. I am a gentle, very feminine, attentive, caring woman. I have much tolerance for understanding others I will truly accept my man for who he is and respect, support him no matter what challenges we may face. I have an excellent sense of expediency and grasp of the details which enables me to make quick, effective decisions. It makes me a great problem-solver. Given the state of world events and human nature, I still tend to focus on the positive and always remain an optimist. I really like to make other people happy therefor I feel the real warmth and harmony inside. I am responsible, loyal and reliable. When I have time, I enjoy going to the forest and walk my dog there. Nature always charges me with positive emotions and life-energy, so I often organize picnics for my friends outdoors. I like to feel active, so I do fitness and eat healthy. By the way, I really love cooking –I like to experiment with food and I tend to be very creative. :) I enjoy painting, reading quality literature, listening to good music. I am great in gardening, cultivating window flowers as well as doing landscape design. Creating home comfort is my pleasure as well..


Seek for age: 35 to 65

They say that love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get - only with what you are expecting to give. It is important how partners treat each other and the amount of efforts they put into the relationship. I hope to meet a caring, gentle, understanding man whom I could share everything with, who will be my supportive, beloved partner and my best friend. I will do everything for him then! When you climb mountains, you are bound to bump into miracles and into your worst fears, but ask the people who made it to the apex, they’ll tell you how sweet success can taste. It is worth the effort to take that next step...




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